I’m a 30-something BigLaw attorney. This blog will be explore the journey to financial independence (and, maybe, early retirement), along with everything else that comes with living life as a denizen of a major BigLaw firm in a high cost-of-living city with a young child. Hopefully, something I write here will be of some use to others on the same or similar path.

I haven’t made a webpage since very early Geocities was a thing. So there will be a learning curve, here, and this will never be as flashy as some of the other personal finance blogs out there. Still, I hope that you’ll stop by and see how it goes!

  • BigLaw and Financial Independence: A Primer

    August 4, 2019 by

    Welcome to the blog. It’s not much, yet, and it will probably never catch up to some of the blogs that were the inspiration for this one, but one has to start somewhere. I am a 30-something husband and father of a young child in a major, fairly high cost-of-living city. I also happen to… Read more

  • What Is Your Net Worth?

    August 24, 2019 by

    Most people go into BigLaw for the money. Maybe with a side-serving of prestige. Shocker, right? Sure, we may have a vague expectation that the work in BigLaw may be intellectually challenging (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t), but let’s be honest. We aren’t doctors, or teachers, or artists. At least early-on in a BigLaw… Read more

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