The Fine Print

Like the home page said, I’m a lawyer. So you had to expect there would be a page like this.

I am a lawyer, but nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice. You are not a client of me or my firm. No attorney-client relationship is intended or should be inferred from any post here or any correspondence I have with you. Everything that is posted on this blog or any associated correspondence represents only my personal views and not the views of my firm or any of my firm’s clients.

I expect to attempt to monetize this blog going forward. That could take the form of affiliate links, sponsored posts, banner ads, or other formats. There may be in-kind or cash compensation with respect to any of these things. Or I may pay for exposure on others’ platforms, blogs, and the like. So I may well have conflicts of interest. I will specifically disclose those conflicts of interest where practical to do so, but in general, you should assume every post and ad may have some conflict of interest built into it and may have involved some kind of value exchange. That all being said, for this blog to ever have any significant readership, I will need to produce quality, non-shilled content, and demonstrate that I am trustworthy in putting forward my views. Besides, I expect that eventually my intended anonymity will break, and I would be remarkably foolish to put my professional life at risk by doing sketchy things in an effort to make a buck off this blog. And yes, by the way, this paragraph is intended to, among other things, satisfy an FTC disclosure obligation that is imposed on bloggers regarding the disclosure of conflicts of interest and financial remuneration and quid-pro-quos.

I intend to at least try to remain anonymous, and my posts reflect some “smudging” to accomplish that. Some of this is obvious: I don’t say what city I live in (though I imagine that will eventually become at least guessable), what firm I work at, my name, my age, etc. Some of it will be reflected through rounding: for example, I will share personal financial information, here, but an anonymized version of that information. Now, being honest, I don’t expect to be able to completely preserve anonymity. Doing that would force a level of shallowness in the blog posts that would defeat the point of the endeavor. But, still, I intend to try. And I will never fully pull back the curtain in the way some personal finance bloggers have done. This is partly because I do believe there is somewhat greater risk involved with being a public blogger at a BigLaw firm, especially compared to people in medical and other professions. So, I appreciate in advance the understanding of the “smudging” and, to the extent I can appeal to peoples’ better selves, would appreciate it if people would limit their “doxxing” efforts!

IP Stuff. In the unlikely event that I ever post anything here that is creative or interesting enough that someone would want to steal it, well, please don’t. See, all applicable copyright and trademark rules. [Insert scary-sounding legal verbiage here re I’m reserving all of my rights.] If you want to use my stuff, ask.